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H and I Beam Manufacturers

H and I Beam Manufacturers

Sunrise Plywood is the recognized brand as H and I Beam Manufacturers. We are the leading brand for manufacturing the superior quality H and I Beam by using the best raw material sourced from high class vendors. We manufacture this H and I Beam with the help of our team of experts who uses their innovative approach to produce the technological invention.

These beams are opposite in their structure and strength. H beam is manufactured with thicker centre web which means it is stronger than I beam. H beam are made heavier and is used to span till 100 m whereas I beam are designed to span upto 30m. The difference arises because of the web ratio. We manufacture these beams with the cost effective advanced technology. We are the leading suppliers of the H and I beams which are made by rolling or milling the steel and has wide and tapered edges respectively.


These I beams are used in Plate Girder.

The H beams are made with wider flanges whereas I beams are made with tapered edges.

These Beams are made with potential strength.

We manufacture the beams with the advanced features and characteristics.

These are offered at reasonable prices.